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US Optics SN-9 Riflescopes

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Meanwhile, check out these two premium categories offering better precision and performance:

US Optics SN-9 Riflescopes series is mainly used for applications spread across 1700 yards and beyond. Endowed with extensive elevation travel, it is more than ideal for ultra long distance precision shooting. Furthermore, US Optics SN-9 is a popular choice for shooting communities that use .50BMG, .408 Chey Tac and .338 Lapua rifles.

The US Optics SN9 Riflescopes series is distinguished by high magnification factor, patented design and a front focal plane (FFP) reticle. It continues to have proper lens alignment across the entire elevation travel range which results in best resolution throughout the adjustment range. Furthermore, the unique US Optics scopes system incorporates external elevation and windage turrets which provide up to 235 total MOA travel (elevation only).