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Swarovski Z6i  Riflescopes

Swarovski Z6i Riflescopes

The Swarovski Z6i Riflescopes range, available since 2012, is built for situations when even seconds are critical. Ideal for hunting running games and long distance shots, the Swarovski scopes can be used for hunting in dense woodlands, taking prairie shots, and aiming in low light/ twilight conditions. Some of the models can be used for big-game hunting and pairing up with large-caliber firearms.

Users get to use cherish the advantages of superior optics, state-of-the-art technology and maximum performance for rapid, accurate target acquisition. The Swarovski rifle scopes come equipped with an elegant design, large zoom range, immense field of view, 6x magnification, versatile reticle (that can be used as illuminated or non-illuminated), and huge eye relief for greater flexibility, higher precision, and greater safety while hunting. Highlights of the Swarovski Z6i include the smart SWAROLIGHT function to the reticle which is switched on when the user gets into the firing position and the deciding moment comes. Not only does it cut down on time and energy but also makes sures the user gets to concentrate on the job at hand.

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