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Sitka engineers technically advanced apparel for big game, waterfowl and whitetail hunting. It incorporates functional designs, superior construction technologies, and technical performance fabrics and insulations along with systematic approach and strategic combinations to make state of the art outdoor gear. The resultant gear and outdoor essentials are capable of withstanding exertion, temperature, wind and precipitation, no matter how challenging the hunting scenario or mountain hiking condition might be. They work together as a complete system, excelling in protection, function and performance, and supplementing your connection to the wild. In short, you can always use the purposeful, effective and comfortable Sitka gear to make being outside even better!

The Sitka gear systems range is inclusive of Sitka Base Layers, Sitka Insulation, Sitka Logo Gear, Sitka Jackets, Sitka Vests, Sitka Pants, Sitka Bibs, Sitka Accessories and Sitka Bags & Packs.

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