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Leica Spotting Scopes

Leica Spotting Scopes

Nothing can feel more wonderful when the image of the game/ target you are trying to focus on is devoid of color aberrations. And Leica APO Televid series from the Leica Spotting Scopes collection is cut out for providing just that. Leica Televid series is apt for applications like target shooting and hunting, and even wildlife observation (which includes the observation of moving targets). Features of the spotting scope lineup include apochromatic capability (ability to deliver color corrected images), Flouride glass, AquaDura lens coatings, an angled body or straight body configuration, variable zoom eyepieces, enhanced light transmission and more. Models include the Leica Televid 82 and the Leica Televid 65.

To sum it up, Leica Spotting Scopes are apt for the marksman who settles with nothing but the best. Get the high end Leica Sport Optics and gear up for an exciting day at the range or the field.

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