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EOTech Holographic Sights

EOTech Holographic Sights

EOTech Holographic Sights are way different from a typical rifle scope. They aren’t exactly laser sights but incorporate a laser to light up the etched reticle (hologram) that is essentially set between two pieces of glass. This equals to a highlighted/ illuminated reticle/ aiming point which may appear "floating" in the distance. This is categorically helpful in ranging. Unlike a conventional magnifying optic, the glass used to make holographic sights is not curved and as a result will not reflect or require a killflash or Anti-Reflective Device (ARD).

EOTech Holographic Sights have a lot in common with red dot sights. One of the common features is the lack of eye relief or exit pupil which implies the shooter does not have to place his eye within a certain distance to retain correctness of the shot. Since there is no eye relief and exit pupil in the holographic sight, the shooter can zoom in on the target, wherever the dot is pointing, from his perspective. So even if sight is a little damaged or blocked by an obstruction, correctness of the shot is retained if the shooter is able to see through the glass.

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