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Barrett BORS Rings

Barrett BORS Rings

Barrett scope rings are in one word, high-tech. ZERO-GAP scope rings and Barrett ExRings help the shooter take victory shot. They are hassle-free to use, impossible to shake and extremely accurate at any distance.

The brand’s patent ZERO-GAP technology helps combat challenges that come up with other optics-mounting systems. While using traditional rings, one has to maintain equal gap between the lower ring and the ring cap as the optical sighting instrument may rotate out of perfect alignment while the cap screws are torqued. But Barrett’s scope-clamping ZERO-GAP layout resolves all such issues by letting the user tighten the cap on the indicated side until there’s zero gap between the lower ring and the ring cap. Therefore, what you have to do is tighten the cap to the fullest, examine reticle alignment, tighten the other side and take the shot.

Barrett ZERO-GAP scope rings are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and withstand the heaviest of recoils, sans adding weight. Barrett ExRings with Pin-Lock Technology, on the other hand, comes in handy for long-range shooters. It resolves issues arising out of scopes not providing enough internal elevation for the rifle to acquire maximum range.

ExRings are equipped with dual MOA settings. They call for utmost use of the scope's precise internal elevation adjustment by aligning the sighting instrument for shooting long-range. While the front ring boasts of a precision-fit pivot that lets the rear of the sighting device to be elevated at the rear ring, the rear ring has Barrett Pin-Lock Technology for two elevation settings. The former does everything without unwanted movement and the latter is made possible by changing the location of a single pin. They become a sturdy mount with the perfect MOA elevation after the elevation setting is chosen and the ring's cross bolts are torqued to specification.

Barrett ExRings also come with the brand’s patent ZERO-GAP Technology. This lends the user 360 degrees of enormous holding power even when the recoil is harshest. They are machined from high-strength 7075 T6 aluminum.

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