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Order Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an order, let know as quickly as possible. To cancel an order, you can go to Contact Us and choose the “Orders” options. While we will try to do our best to help you, we ship very quickly and once your order is in shipping it is not always possible to stop it.

If you would like to check your order status, please see our Order Status page. You will need to have your order number and your shipping ZIP code in order to view the order status.

Order Status: In Process/Backorder/Layaway/Payment Declined

We can cancel your order and refund in full.

Order Status: Ready To Ship 

At this stage, the order has moved to the shipping department. However, we will try our best to cancel. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the shipping team will be able to complete this step.

Order Status: Shipping Sent

We can recall the package. However, there is a UPS fee of $20 that the buyer needs to pay.

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